So the time has finally come. It's time for me to go for the 24 Day Challenge again! I'm super excited to be doing it again! I had good results the first time (15 lbs!) and I will admit I got those results without giving the challenge 100% effort. But I am more than determined to giving my 2nd 24 Day Challenge 110%. 

What has changed? 

Well in the middle of my 1st challenge, I started a new job which consisted of very stressful training classes. I let my focus drift from my challenge. But now that I am much more comfortable in my position, I really can give all my focus to my challenge.

This time, I'm also going to have a partner-in-crime during my challenge. My dad will be right alongside me, doing his own 24 Day Challenge. He really doesn't need to lose any weight, but I'm hoping that this will kick start both of us to a healthier lifestyle. If only we could convince my mom to do the challenge with us...

But anyways, I digress. In the next couple days I will put up some better introductions about me and my dad. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing my results on November 24th and I hope that my success will help other people start on their own path to be

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